Pittsburgh Means Business: Balanced, Diverse Industries Propel the Region’s Future

A conversation on Pittsburgh’s business scene several decades ago would inevitably turn to one topic: steel production. Around the middle of the 20th century, Pittsburgh contributed nearly half of the nation’s steel output. Steel defined its economy and workforce—at least for a while. Then, during the ’70s and ’80s, steel production dwindled, beset by foreign competition, … Read More >

Back to the Future: Pittsburgh’s Ever-Growing Tech Economy

The Steel City’s rebirth as a center of technology and tech-driven manufacturing might still shock those who picture the city as another casualty of deindustrialization. But the fact is, the region’s success in the tech economy has been decades in the making, and strategies continue to expand opportunities now and in the future.


When Google set … Read More >

Transportation Solutions: Making Pittsburgh More Mobile

How do you measure the health of a region? Vital signs like a strong job market, safety, and affordability all come to mind. But there’s another key question: how well does the region move? Transportation is the engine that drives economic development and vibrant communities. While Pittsburgh is exploring innovations to improve traffic flow on … Read More >

Why Relocate To Pittsburgh? Why Not!

Instead of asking why relocate to Pittsburgh, more often the question is why not? Broad job opportunities, low cost of living and high quality of life make this region a smart choice for everyone from college grads to families.


Newcomers to Pittsburgh are like Dorothy pushing open the door to catch her first glimpse of the … Read More >

Our Housing Market’s Big Picture

How’s the housing market? That’s a pretty standard opening line for builders and real estate agents when they meet but not exactly a conversation starter for the average citizen. For the sizable share of the population that owns a home in the U.S., however, it’s a question that has more bearing on their lives today … Read More >

Remake Learning

Pittsburgh’s commitment to education and its high quality schools is an enormous draw for families moving to the area. Now, Pittsburgh is leading the way in a new initiative called Remake Learning, a concept envisaged by Gregg Behr, president of the Grable Foundation, a nonprofit family foundation whose focus is the well-being of children and … Read More >

Higher Education

Pittsburgh has long ago shed its smoky city image, though it is proud of its contribution to the steel industry.

These days, Pittsburgh, which often appears on lists designating it the “most livable” or “best food town” or “underrated gem,” is also a major player in the higher education sector.

The presence of so many top-notch institutions … Read More >