Leading Edge Healthcare

Despite the strain Covid-19 has placed on the healthcare industry, Pittsburgh was recently named a best city for health care jobs, ranking #1 among the top 50 metro areas across the country according to a new study by Grand Canyon University. 

Perhaps not surprising to many, this latest accolade is but one of many bestowed … Read More >

Housing’s Economic Forecast

If you build or sell houses for a living, you probably feel a bit cursed. As 2019 ended, however, there were signals that home sales and new construction were heading upward at a much steeper angle than the rest of the economy. By mid-March, the strong fundamentals of the housing market were overshadowed by the … Read More >

Moving Your Financial Family 2021

Anyone who has ever moved knows that it’s no small feat. Your days are filled with finding a new home, arranging financing, investigating school districts and finally packing up your belongings in anticipation of the big moving day.
But don’t forget! The personal belongings in your home aren’t the only things you need to move. Your … Read More >

Relocating to Pittsburgh 2021

Newcomers quickly realize that the Pittsburgh region has long since replaced the image of a rust-belt town of yore, reinventing itself as a breathtaking portrait of culture, arts and innovation.

Once lined with mills and warehouses, a different composition now makes up the city’s famed three rivers and rolling hills. Technology hubs, research labs and … Read More >

Accessibility & Mobility: Staying Connected

The Greater Pittsburgh Region is home to a plethora of established corporations such as Kraft Heinz, Dick’s Sporting Goods and PNC Financial Services as well as emerging energy, high tech and other industries such as Google and Amazon.

Replete with job opportunities, cultural assets and celebrated educational institutions at all levels, the Greater Pittsburgh Region … Read More >

Pittsburgh and the Pandemic Economy

Facing A New Normal and Fostering Recovery
The success story of Pittsburgh’s transformation has been building and steadily gaining attention beyond the City of Bridges. Now, the coronavirus pandemic threatens the region’s momentum—and the challenges are formidable.

The region’s unemployment peaked at 17 percent in April 2020, before some jobs were recovered. By mid-September, close to … Read More >

Pittsburgh Region. Next is Now.

With affection and pride, many locals refer to Pittsburgh as The 412, The Steel City, The City of Bridges or The City of Champions.

But regardless of its moniker, Pittsburgh has been quietly growing and changing and expanding and morphing into a major player on many national stages: of science, of technology, of education, of … Read More >