Pittsburgh Region. Next is Now.

With affection and pride, many locals refer to Pittsburgh as The 412, The Steel City, The City of Bridges or The City of Champions.

But regardless of its moniker, Pittsburgh has been quietly growing and changing and expanding and morphing into a major player on many national stages: of science, of technology, of education, of … Read More >

Publisher’s Note

Transformation & Opportunity

In March of 2016, Pittsburgh celebrated its 200th birthday, marking the beginning of its most exciting and transformative period to date! Our region is no longer branded with stigmas of the past, but celebrated for its attractive riverfronts, green initiatives, world-class universities, thriving Downtown with its eclectic arts scene and much, much … Read More >

Family on Point State Park promenade with kids on bikes - photo by Alan Whittington

Sites & Attractions

Greater Pittsburgh’s Four Seasons

We change — our expectations, our pace, even our clothes — along with the weather. And although we can, quite literally, set our watches to this seasonable timetable, there is still much wonder and surprise to be found. A 70-degree December day, an April blizzard — these blips on the radar … Read More >