A Wealth of Opportunity


Residents of Pittsburgh and its neighboring communities throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania benefit from an abundance of world-class universities, prestigious private colleges, and highly regarded community colleges. With 60 colleges and universities to choose from, students of all ages can pursue a path of higher education suitable for their personal goals.

This wealth of opportunity also benefits the … Read More >

New Techniques and New Technologies

In any conversation about health care, the topic of health insurance often surfaces, given its importance in facilitating access to health care, aiding in better overall health, and yes, covering costs.  The American Hospital Association website tells us that “Meaningful healthcare coverage is critical to living a productive, secure and healthy life … Enrollment in … Read More >

Pittsburgh’s Refined City Living

The allure of city living would appear to be on the upswing around the world and across the nation.  Consider that a recent United Nations report stated that by the year 2050, “two out of every three people are likely to be living in cities or other urban centers …”

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Pittsburgh’s Housing Market 2023

It can be tough just to keep track of how many times Pittsburgh has appeared on various lists and in articles highlighting the country’s best places to live—and there’s good reason for these claims and accolades: Pittsburgh’s revitalized economy, cultural amenities, and affordability make it an increasingly popular place to call home.

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Business Investment and Talent Attraction

After graduating from New York University’s School of Engineering, Zarin Elias entered the workforce at BNY Mellon in Manhattan.  The native New Yorker made the rounds between two offices, the second in New Jersey, conceding that “relocating was never part of the plan.”  Reconsidering her position on making an additional move while still working for … Read More >

Pittsburgh’s New Downtown

Downtown was becoming a more vibrant live/work/play center throughout the 2010s, but the “work” part of that equation had begun eroding in the middle of the decade. Once the third largest home to Fortune 500 companies, Downtown Pittsburgh lost tens of thousands of daytime workers when industrial giants moved out in the 1980s, even as … Read More >

Pittsburgh’s Spirit of Innovation

Driving the Region Forward 

You would be hard pressed to find any American city that has not faced setbacks, delays, and shortages brought on by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Pittsburgh is no exception—unemployment skyrocketed to 17 percent in April 2020, businesses large and small struggled, and entire industries contended with shifts in work styles and … Read More >