A Next Generation Economy

Key industries have only begun to reshape an already revitalized Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh’s story could have ended decades ago. When the once-dominant steel industry collapsed in the 1970s and ’80s, the backbone of Pittsburgh’s economy evaporated. Jobless rates spiked. People left the region. Industrial and manufacturing sites languished and decayed, embodying the Rust Belt moniker that would … Read More >

The Future of Pittsburgh’s Workforce

For years, Pittsburgh has been showing up on lists of America’s most livable cities. Why? Because there’s something for everyone here. While the region remains suitable to so many lifestyles, Pittsburgh’s job market also offers something for everyone. No longer is Pittsburgh defined singularly by steel. Instead, job seekers can now choose from a range … Read More >

Relocating: Making the Move to Pittsburgh!

Newcomers arriving in Pittsburgh by air or by land – and especially by way of the Fort Pitt Tunnel – are often shocked by the vibrancy that emerges before them. Now a colorful mix of culture, arts and innovation, the images of the sepia-toned rust-belt town have long since disappeared.



The shores of the Pittsburgh’s famed … Read More >

Meet The Neighbors

Ashley Blankette
Head of Pittsburgh Innovation Center
& Group Manager of UX
BNY Mellon

“It’s time to think big because Pittsburgh has moved beyond the usual answers and is coming up with truly game-changing ideas.”

Growing up in the rural outskirts of Pittsburgh in Greensburg, Ashley Blankette was surrounded by more farmland than neighbors, so imagination and innovation … Read More >

Moving Your Financial Family

Anyone who has ever moved knows that it’s no small feat. Your days are filled with finding a new home, arranging financing, investigating school districts and finally packing up your belongings in anticipation of the big moving day.
But don’t forget! The personal belongings in your home aren’t the only things you need to move. Your … Read More >

Pittsburgh’s Housing Market 2018

For those who take comfort in such things, the Pittsburgh housing market has moved back in rhythm with the national housing market during the past few years. As the U.S. finally recovered from the excesses of the housing bubble, the national housing market has been a model of stability for the past four years. Pittsburgh, … Read More >

Pittsburgh Means Business: Balanced, Diverse Industries Propel the Region’s Future

A conversation on Pittsburgh’s business scene several decades ago would inevitably turn to one topic: steel production. Around the middle of the 20th century, Pittsburgh contributed nearly half of the nation’s steel output. Steel defined its economy and workforce—at least for a while. Then, during the ’70s and ’80s, steel production dwindled, beset by foreign competition, … Read More >