Advertising with Metroguide

Metroguide is your go-to source for all things Pittsburgh!  From spotlighting the area’s growth and ingenuity to featuring the city’s world class hospitals and outstanding schools, Metroguide is your source for current city happenings.

A culturally inclusive outlet that strives on community and development, Metroguide allows you to be a part of the transformation and opportunity that Pittsburgh has to offer.

In a world full of change and evolution, don’t find yourself stuck in the past!  Join the Metroguide movement to discover a knowledgeable audience and target potential buyers in a variety of markets including education, healthcare, real estate, transportation and more!

What will you get out of advertising?

  • The ability to reach a diverse range of your neighbors of all ages, genders and professions.
  • A strong digital presence and inclusion in the magazine seen by an interested and engaged demographic.
  • Widespread exposure throughout a variety of industries in the city.

For more information regarding advertising in Metroguide, please contact Kevin Gordon at 412-548-3823.