Higher Education: A Regional Asset

With over 60 colleges and universities, Pittsburgh area institutions of higher education continue to be a major contributor to the region’s vitality. 


They employ thousands of people. They pay millions of dollars in local and state income taxes. Add to that, factors like student and faculty spending and construction expenditures, and this region’s institutions of higher … Read More >

The Oakland Hub and Allegheny County

The Oakland Hub and Allegheny County

The University of Pittsburgh is a thriving public research university with more than 34,000 students across five campuses. The Pittsburgh campus covers 132 acres in the city’s Oakland section, and four regional campuses serve students and communities in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville. Pitt is a member of the prestigious … Read More >

Independent Schools

Pittsburgh’s reputation as a leader in education extends to its high-quality options for independent, private schools. In Pittsburgh, the private school vista is small but mighty.


Parents who opt to send their children to independent schools do so for a multitude of reasons. Smaller class size is one primary reason, along with individualized attention from teachers. … Read More >

Remake Learning

Pittsburgh’s commitment to education and its high quality schools is an enormous draw for families moving to the area. Now, Pittsburgh is leading the way in a new initiative called Remake Learning, a concept envisaged by Gregg Behr, president of the Grable Foundation, a nonprofit family foundation whose focus is the well-being of children and … Read More >

Higher Education

Pittsburgh has long ago shed its smoky city image, though it is proud of its contribution to the steel industry.

These days, Pittsburgh, which often appears on lists designating it the “most livable” or “best food town” or “underrated gem,” is also a major player in the higher education sector.

The presence of so many top-notch institutions … Read More >

Cathedral of Learning

Smart City

The colleges and universities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region contribute to the lives and livelihoods of the residents throughout the area. Besides the education they provide and their growing enrollments, these institutions of higher learning contribute to our economic well being through the people they employ, the salaries they pay, the facilities they make … Read More >