Pittsburgh Region. Next is Now.

With affection and pride, many locals refer to Pittsburgh as The 412, The Steel City, The City of Bridges or The City of Champions.

But regardless of its moniker, Pittsburgh has been quietly growing and changing and expanding and morphing into a major player on many national stages: of science, of technology, of education, of … Read More >

Go Places: Sites & Attractions

Greater Pittsburgh’s Four Seasons
There is something both comforting and disquieting in the changing of the seasons. The very certainty of this natural progression — winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to autumn and autumn back to winter again — provides SouthWestern Pennsylvanians with a framework for our lives.


We change — our expectations, our pace, … Read More >

Regional Profiles

Downtown Pittsburgh

Located in the heart of the city at the confluence of the three rivers, the Downtown neighborhood is Pittsburgh’s Golden Triangle. Here, Pittsburgh’s iconic skyline views have inspired business leaders for generations and is home to the region’s most innovative and creative business executives. 


What’s the attraction? For many, it’s the energy of urban life … Read More >

Senior Living in Pittsburgh


Physically Active, Cerebrally Engaged and Socially Connected
When it comes to senior living, Great Pittsburgh often outranks places traditionally thought of as meccas for seniors – beating out cities in Florida and California. These lists consider factors like cost of living, crime rate, and proximity to international airports, but what makes Pittsburgh stand out is the … Read More >

Independent Schools


Pittsburgh’s reputation as a leader in education extends to its high-quality options for independent, private schools as well.  


Parents who opt to send their children to independent schools do so for a multitude of reasons. Smaller class size is one primary reason, along with individualized attention from teachers. Also, independent schools often provide more opportunities … Read More >

Colleges and Universities

Allegheny County

The University of Pittsburgh is a thriving public research university with more than 34,000 students across five campuses. The Pittsburgh campus covers 132 acres in the city’s Oakland section, and four regional campuses serve students and communities in Bradford, Greensburg, Johnstown, and Titusville. Pitt is a member of the prestigious Association of American Universities … Read More >

Institutions of Higher Learning: A Major Contributor to our Region’s Vitality

With over 60 colleges and universities, Pittsburgh area institutions of higher education continue to be a major contributor to the region’s vitality. 


They employ thousands of people. They pay millions of dollars in local and state income taxes. Add to that, factors like student and faculty spending and construction expenditures, and this region’s institutions of higher … Read More >