Greater Pittsburgh’s Four Seasons

There is something both comforting and disquieting in the changing of the seasons. The very certainty of this natural progression — winter to spring, spring to summer, summer to autumn and autumn back to winter again — provides SouthWestern Pennsylvanians with a framework for our lives.


We change — our expectations, our pace, even our clothes — along with the weather. And although we can, quite literally, set our watches to this seasonable timetable, there is still much wonder and surprise to be found. A 70-degree December day, an April blizzard — these blips on the radar screen serve as gentle (and not so gentle) reminders. They remind us that the seasons do not necessarily surrender their reign without a fight. And they remind us that our attempts to measure the weather in terms of barometric pressure readings and wind chill factors are somewhat misguided. For in the everyday world, it’s the fight, the passion, that gives this ongoing drama its colors, smells, textures — its meaning. 

So complain as we will (and we will) about the weather, we’re lucky. Here in SouthWestern Pennsylvania, we have the opportunity to watch each of the four seasons reveal its secrets. And thanks to our terrain and our collective spirit, we often do more than watch. We celebrate. Festivals, carnivals and other rites of passage dominate the landscape. No season is left unsung. 


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