Higher Education

Pittsburgh has long ago shed its smoky city image, though it is proud of its contribution to the steel industry.

These days, Pittsburgh, which often appears on lists designating it the “most livable” or “best food town” or “underrated gem,” is also a major player in the higher education sector.

The presence of so many top-notch institutions … Read More >

Child Care

Finding the right type of childcare to fit your family’s needs is a top priority, and Pittsburgh offers a variety of options for safe, high-quality care. Whether you’re looking for a progressive facility with all the latest technology, or a small daycare with less structure, ask questions to be sure your needs will be met.


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Not Your Grandparent’s Retirement

When it comes to senior living, Pittsburgh often outranks places traditionally thought of as meccas for seniors –beating cities in Florida and California. These lists consider factors like cost of living, crime rate, and proximity to international airports, but what makes Pittsburgh stand out is the variety of opportunities the city has for seniors to remain physically active, cerebrally engaged and socially connected.


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Publisher’s Note

Transformation & Opportunity

In March of 2016, Pittsburgh celebrated its 200th birthday, marking the beginning of its most exciting and transformative period to date! Our region is no longer branded with stigmas of the past, but celebrated for its attractive riverfronts, green initiatives, world-class universities, thriving Downtown with its eclectic arts scene and much, much … Read More >

Cathedral of Learning

Smart City

The colleges and universities throughout the Greater Pittsburgh Region contribute to the lives and livelihoods of the residents throughout the area. Besides the education they provide and their growing enrollments, these institutions of higher learning contribute to our economic well being through the people they employ, the salaries they pay, the facilities they make … Read More >

public transit

Making it Easier to Get Around

Exciting changes are happening at Pittsburgh International Airport. The Allegheny County Airport Authority has launched a number of new programs to improve customer service and to increase flights to the region.

The Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT) is the first airport in Pennsylvania to offer airport travelers valuable rewards when they park, shop and dine … Read More >

Strength and Diversity

If you’re new to Pittsburgh, you’ll be happy to know that whatever your religious affiliation, you’re sure to find a place of worship here to nurture your spirituality.

About 65 percent of the city’s population considers itself religious and affiliates with a religion. In fact, Pittsburgh residents avail themselves of more than 1,000 places … Read More >