Active Seniors

An Active, Enjoyable Lifestyle

First off, let’s do away with the idea that aging has anything to do with apathy, complacency, and settling for a life of boredom, isolation, and quietude. The most common misconception is that 55+ communities are similar to assisted living or independent living communities. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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Child Care Featured Image

Child Care in Pittsburgh

Whichever path you take to secure child-care and pre-school care for your children, rest assured that you have many options to choose from in Pittsburgh. To get started on your search, keep these questions in mind:

About the Organization 

• Is the center licensed by the State of Pennsylvania? Ask to see the center’s license.

• Has the … Read More >

AHN Life Flight

Pittsburgh’s Healthy Choices

It’s a well-known fact that the 2.4 million people in our region have access to world-class health care. Whatever the need, residents know they can find the care they require thanks to the health-care systems that make their home in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. The large amount of Medicare and Medicaid dollars coming into the region has … Read More >

Family on Point State Park promenade with kids on bikes - photo by Alan Whittington

Sites & Attractions

Greater Pittsburgh’s Four Seasons

We change — our expectations, our pace, even our clothes — along with the weather. And although we can, quite literally, set our watches to this seasonable timetable, there is still much wonder and surprise to be found. A 70-degree December day, an April blizzard — these blips on the radar … Read More >

Mellon Square Fountain

The Transformation of Pittsburgh

Over the past few decades, the Pittsburgh region has been rebuilt and reborn, shedding its murky past while still staying true to its historical roots. From the communities and the rivers, to the culture and economy – today, Pittsburgh stands strong, with a focus on establishing a brighter future for generations to come.
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River City, Developing Our Riverfront

It started with the rivers. When you consider the topography of Western PA, there certainly weren’t many other reasons to stop and settle along the steep hillsides and forests of Pittsburgh. But the watersheds that created the rivers that meet in Pittsburgh gave life to the region, and eventually to indigenous tribes and settlers from … Read More >

The Unstoppable Evolution of Pittsburgh

People are buzzing about Pittsburgh.

In the past few years, the city has received a long trail of accolades, topping lists as the most livable city or best new travel destination.

But ‘buzz’ is a phenomenon that isn’t just about how many people are talking, but what they’re saying. So MetroGuide asked some of the city’s biggest … Read More >