SouthWestern Pennsylvania on the Move

SouthWestern Pennsylvania On the Move
Those of us living and working in SouthWestern Pennsylvania are presumably a satisfied lot. Our collective pride in the region may be reflected in such accolades ranging from Wallet Hub’s “#1 Best Football Cities for Fans” to ranking Pittsburgh as a best place in the U.S. to retire given the … Read More >

Marketing Pittsburgh to the World

Our region’s industries, universities, and quality of life continue to attract international companies to Pittsburgh
In the last decade, even within the last five years, Pittsburgh’s key industrial sectors have witnessed dramatic growth and trajectory—and things aren’t slowing down. 2018 marked the best year for business investment in the region since the Allegheny Conference on Community … Read More >

Sustainable Pittsburgh

From companies to community members to colleges and universities, Pittsburgh’s spirit of innovation drives regional sustainability efforts
For cities like Pittsburgh, every day is a building block toward a more sustainable and prosperous future. Practicing sustainability means managing resources and thinking about the broader environmental and economic implications of our actions and activities. It also means … Read More >

Higher Education: A Regional Asset

With over 60 colleges and universities, Pittsburgh area institutions of higher education continue to be a major contributor to the region’s vitality. 


They employ thousands of people. They pay millions of dollars in local and state income taxes. Add to that, factors like student and faculty spending and construction expenditures, and this region’s institutions of higher … Read More >

Child Care: A Family’s Top Priority


Finding the right type of childcare to fit your family’s needs is a top priority, and Pittsburgh offers a variety of options for safe, high-quality care. Whether you’re looking for a progressive facility with all the latest technology, or a small daycare with less structure, ask questions to be sure your needs will be met. … Read More >

Active, Engaged and Socially Connected

When it comes to senior living, Pittsburgh often outranks places traditionally thought of as meccas for seniors –beating cities in Florida and California. These lists consider factors like cost of living, crime rate, and proximity to international airports, but what makes Pittsburgh stand out is the variety of opportunities the city has for seniors to … Read More >

Investing in Healthcare

Innovative & Consumer Focused Facilities
According to AARP, 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 each day until well into the 2030s. Our healthcare providers are adapting to this aging population with major investments in infrastructure – upgrading existing facilities to make them more accessible and patient-centric, or building new cutting-edge hospitals using all the latest technology.
The … Read More >