Pittsburgh Region. Next is Now.

With affection and pride, many locals refer to Pittsburgh as The 412, The Steel City, The City of Bridges or The City of Champions.

But regardless of its moniker, Pittsburgh has been quietly growing and changing and expanding and morphing into a major player on many national stages: of science, of technology, of education, of … Read More >

2019 Housing Market Outlook


Spring nearly always brings the first blooms of optimism for the housing market. Homes certainly sell in the winter months. Builders take out permits and start construction on new homes all 12 months of the year. These truths notwithstanding, the combination of the holidays and lousy weather sap the enthusiasm for home shopping for most … Read More >

Moving Your Financial Family

Moving Your Financial Family
Anyone who has ever moved knows that it’s no small feat. Your days are filled with finding a new home, arranging financing, investigating school districts and finally packing up your belongings in anticipation of the big moving day. But don’t forget! The personal belongings in your home aren’t the only things you … Read More >

Meet the Neighbors

Amanda Thompson
Technical Sales Representative

“I think people are surprised by Pittsburgh’s charm. We really are on the rise and people are taking notice.”


After graduating from Ohio University, Amanda Thompson decided she wanted to challenge herself with a new city and moved to Pittsburgh to take her first job out of school. Though you can … Read More >

Relocating to Pittsburgh: Painting a New Picture

Relocating to Pittsburgh: Painting a New Picture
Stand atop its famed Mount Washington and newcomers quickly realize that the Pittsburgh region has long since replaced the sepia-toned image of a rust-belt town of yore, reinventing itself as a breathtaking portrait of culture, arts and innovation.


Once lined with mills and warehouses, a different composition now makes up … Read More >

SouthWestern Pennsylvania on the Move

SouthWestern Pennsylvania On the Move
Those of us living and working in SouthWestern Pennsylvania are presumably a satisfied lot. Our collective pride in the region may be reflected in such accolades ranging from Wallet Hub’s “#1 Best Football Cities for Fans” to Bankrate.com ranking Pittsburgh as a best place in the U.S. to retire given the … Read More >

Marketing Pittsburgh to the World

Our region’s industries, universities, and quality of life continue to attract international companies to Pittsburgh
In the last decade, even within the last five years, Pittsburgh’s key industrial sectors have witnessed dramatic growth and trajectory—and things aren’t slowing down. 2018 marked the best year for business investment in the region since the Allegheny Conference on Community … Read More >